What is eXist solutions

eXist Solutions is the professional services company for eXist-db and XML Information Systems.

Created by the founder and senior team members of eXist-db, we provide contractual support, training, consultancy and application hosting.

Whether you are just starting out or managing an international enterprise scale database, our focus is on helping you deliver successful projects.

eXist Solutions and eXist-db are intrinsically linked. This synergy enables your organisation to confidently select an Open Source solution because it is accompanied by professional support and subsequently, because eXist Solutions contributes code, financial and infrastructural resources back into the Open Source project, the growth of the eXist-db software and community is ensured, benefiting its users, and therefore your enterprise.

Solutions News

eXist-db 2.1.6-LTS

eXist Solutions GmbH released eXist LTS version 2.1.6. Since the introduction of Long Term Support (LTS) in January 2014 this is already the 6th quality release of cherry-picked improvements and enhancements. eXist LTS addresses the needs of enterprise-scale users that require a reliable and supported version of the open source version [more]

eXist-db 2.1.1-LTS

A first long term support version of eXist-db has been released to subscribers. This version, called 2.1.1-LTS, fixes some critical issues, including a memory leak and query optimizer failures.

New eXist-db Subscription and Support Packages

eXistSolutions is happy to finally announce the immediate availability of new subscription and support packages for eXist-db. Please check the eXist-db homepage for details.

                            eXist-db Project Logo

eXist-db is the leading Open Source Native XML Database, providing the most modern and feature-rich XML database environment within its class whist still offering outstanding performance.

However, eXist-db is much more than just a database, eXist-db combines a rapid web application development platform which... [more]