Introducing eXist-db

eXist-db is the leading Open Source Native XML Database, providing the most modern and feature-rich XML database environment within its class whist still offering outstanding performance.

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                    eXist Solutions and eXist-db have a unique and special relationship. Whilst the eXist-db Open Source project is self-governing and independent of eXist Solutions, eXist Solutions focuses on the needs of commercial organisations and feeds the growth of eXist-db by contributing resources back into the project.

However, eXist-db is much more than just a database, eXist-db provides an entire development framework enabling rapid development ranging from embeddable application solutions right up to Enterprise scale XRX Web Applications.

Out of the box, eXist-db includes -

  • The ability to index and query XML, Full-Text and Binary resources.
  • Integration for Atom, JSON, XHTML, HTML5 and SQL.
  • Support for XQuery, XPath, XSLT, XForms, XInclude, XUpdate, XQuery Update, DTD, Schema and Relax NG.
  • Connectors and API's for REST, WebDAV, XML-RPC, XML:DB, SOAP and AtomPub.

Many satisfied customers have already developed entire applications utilising eXist-db or just used eXist-db for its excellent XML storage and query facilities. Either way, there is a large thriving and talented open community both supporting and driving eXist-db forward.

Please visit the eXist-db community for further information, or contact us directly.

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