About eXist Solutions

eXist Solutions is helping organisations exploit their structured and un-structured information by providing support and expert knowledge for the unified information management platform eXist-db. Our customers benefit from the best of both, through the marriage of the award winning eXist-db Open Source software and our professional services, we combine cutting edge information technology with operational stability.

The company was founded by the original creator and senior team members of the eXist-db project, whom together have over 25 years experience in developing and supporting eXist-db, with additional specialisms in Software Engineering, Consulting, Project Management, Information Systems design and Ontologies and Linguistics.

Over the years we have seen eXist-db successfully used in areas that we never imagined. Some applications of eXist-db have included publishing, digital libraries, scientific information systems, social web applications, bio-medical research, data warehouses, linguistics analysis, mapping, health care, national disaster emergency planning and many more. The eXist-db community was always able to rapidly support its Open Source users, by adding features or offering help, however there was never a unified solution for commercial or professional users. We founded eXist Solutions to support these users of eXist-db.

eXist Solutions and eXist-db

eXist Solutions and eXist-db have a unique and special relationship. Whilst the eXist-db Open Source project is self-governing and independent of eXist Solutions, eXist Solutions feeds the growth of eXist-db by contributing resources back into the project. eXist Solutions was founded and is managed by senior developers from eXist-db, so you can rest assured that we are the authority on eXist-db. Engaging the services of eXist Solutions itself is a positive mechanism for contributing back to the eXist-db Open Source project.

eXist Solutions does not sell or maintain a proprietary version of eXist-db. We use the same version of eXist-db that is available to everyone. eXist-db is Open Source, and will remain Open Source. eXist Solutions is committed to Open Source development, but understands the needs of commercial users, as such we provide the professional services that compliment the Open Source project.

International in Nature

eXist Solutions is based in Germany, but we are truly international in nature, our founders themselves represent Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We also have consultants and partners based across the United States, Europe and even Uzbekistan.

Predominantly we conduct all transactions in English, however we can of course at your request also support German, Dutch and Swedish languages.

Company Information

eXist Solutions GmbH:

  • Registered with the district court in Freiburg i.Br., Germany.
  • Company registration number: HRB 713975.
  • VAT registration number: DE273180763.
  • Registered legal company address is:
    eXist Solutions GmbH
    Bonndorfer Strasse 45
  • Director: Wolfgang Meier